Client Charter

1. Updating information:

1.1 Database is updated during each convocation.

1.2 USM alumni information is updated on a monthly basis.

1.3 Ensure that contact information, either post or e-mail address, of USM alumni is current.

1.4 Ensure that information on USM activities is received by the USM alumni at least two (2) times a month.

1.5 Ensure that each USM alumnus found (not active in data base) is updated and connected.

2. Activities:

2.1 Carry out at least one (1) monthly activity that involves the USM alumni and the management of the University.

2.2 Ensure that the activities that have been initiated proceeded continually.

2.3 Establish USM alumni secretariats across the country

2.4 Establish focus groups such as student leaders, Student Consultative Council, the Chancellor's Gold Medal winner and the others to enable a 'think-tank' to be set up for the University.

2.5 Create a group of volunteers among USM alumni across the country in various forms and activities.

3. Accomplishing USM APEX:

3.1 Encouraging the alumni to share their expertise and ability in a variety of forms with various groups including students and the University.

3.2 Mobilizing volunteering activities among alumni through efforts to strengthen the existing USM alumni and to obtain information about new groups/individuals.

3.2 Mobilizing alumni who have been successful in various fields to help the University, including students.

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